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I find Losswords fascinating because it essentially gamifies the process of reading and almost turns it into a competitive sport. In this mobile title, major works of literature have been transformed to incorporate objectives. In one chapter of a volume, for example, you may need to fill in the blanks in a specific passage with a preset group of words in order to continue the page. In others, you may have to swap out specific sentences. The development team pulled several books from the public domain in order to create the volumes at the base of the game, and this adds a unique aspect to its gameplay by adding a dash of familiarity from which to draw your answers. For example, my working knowledge of the first paragraph of Pride and Prejudice helped me sail through the preliminary chapter. It however absolutely failed me for the rest. I’m looking forward to how much I remember of Alice in Wonderland , one of my favorites. This will be a great release for book fans.— HG

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