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[2nd Floor] An opening for the exhibition “Woman Between Inhaling and Exhaling” featuring photographs by Czech documentary photographer Dana Kyndrova who examines the many facets of women’s lives. The presented photographs – shot primarily in the former Czechoslovakia and later in the Czech Republic, but also in some Western countries – show the precious moments of daily life, child birth, the tensions of school exams, falling in love. The project called “Woman Between Inhaling and Exhaling” includes photographs from the 1970s – 1990s, and its aim is to capture the life of a woman in its full variety, from birth to death. The project is divided into seven parts – adolescence, maternity and family, fun, work, eroticism, faith, and old age. Apart from the objective chronology of life’s pilgrimage of a human being, or more precisely, of a woman, the photographs perceive the principal life values, which accompany and influence us during our entire existence. The theme is more or less general; thus the question is not to portray a particular environment or a characteristics of a certain country. One could say the woman portrayed is a „European” woman. A substantial part of the photograp… ( read more )

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