Can u download psp games on ps vita: Trinity Exploit lets you jailbreak a PlayStation Vita

SONY’s choice here is quite puzzling. Want to make piracy more difficult: se a custom flash card. Want to make it cheaper for users: include a microSD slot. Why didn’t they just make all the games digital, and keep a microSD slot instead? Better yet, include a large storage on the device, and have games installed on microSD ? Or worse comes to worse, keep the custom flash cards, remove the microSD slot, make sure the internal storage is large enough. And I feel like if they went the route of using a microSD slot for game storage/cartridge, they could have scaled that up from 2-4GB cards with light games (480p/60/Low) on a cheap handheld. Then to a 8-16GB cards for medium games (720p/60/Low) on expensive phones. Then upto 32-64GB cards of high graphics games (1080p/60/Medium) on cheap consoles. This means each cartridge is a game that can be used …  Read more »

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