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If you thought the feud between Joan Crawford and Bette Davis was toxic, former comedy double-act Anderson and West make them look like Thelma and Louise. Played superbly by Anna Crilly and Margaret Cabourn-Smith, The Half opens with the pair in a dressing room about to perform a sketch for a charity benefit based on Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? West (Anna Crilly), just back from Los Angeles where she has a successful TV career, taunts Anderson (Margaret Cabourn-Smith), who is washed up, living in a bedsit and poignantly claims that “the best work these days is audio. Podcasting. I’m … casting pods.” Yet this knockabout savagery conceals something more complex, relayed over a series of flashbacks. Written by comedian Danielle Ward, The Half is brutally funny but its portrait of female friendships, and the way a male-dominated world conspires against them, means that it’s also makes it intelligent and moving. AN

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