Cool math games worlds hardest game cheats: The Best Indie Games You Might Have Missed in 2017

Bennett Foddy, the creator of comedy physics sims QWOP and GIRP, returns with perhaps the most infuriating and hilarious game of the year. But this time, Foddy has turned the emergent comedy of the frustrating physics game into something much more reflective and self-aware — the creator’s name isn’t in the title for nothing. As you attempt to swing your way up and across an increasingly difficult to navigate landscape of found objects (you being a naked man in a cauldron with nothing but a hammer), Foddy comes on every now and then to speak about the nature of failure, perseverance, and even explain a bit about the origins of Getting Over It — like, for instance, how it’s an homage to the 2002 B-Game Sexy Hiking, from a designer called Jazzuo. As you accidentally fling away an hour of progress and fall back to the starting point, Foddy might read off a quote on the nature of patience or play an old folk song about struggle. Gradually, what took an hour to do might end up taking a few minutes after over a dozen tries. Its Steam page advertises “between 2 and ∞ hours” of gameplay, so… good luck.

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