Creating 3d effects for film tv and games: Game of Thrones Visual Effects Supervisor Details Bringing the Incredible Final Season to Life

At that point, we can go, “Well, we’re in full storytelling mode.” We needed to make it a really big point of difference from Season Seven, where Drogon gets hit but doesn’t die, so having a third arrow just slam through his neck. We needed to make sure it was really clear that it was a killing blow. So one of the things we did there was change the camera move to what was actually quite a fantastical camera move and less … a more impractical one to shoot. And you got to be really careful with things like that, because if you do it too often, then it can take the audience out of the picture, because you’re doing lots of unrealistic camera moves. But we did this orbit around, so we flew past his head, and we could put his last breath if you like, his dying breath, in. At that point, he sprays all this blood out towards the camera. And then the camera carries on and ends essentially at Daenerys’ point of view as we see his wings fold up and he crashes into the ocean.

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