Design your own house inside and outside games: Fantasy’s Widow: The Fight Over The Legacy Of Dungeons & Dragons

According to a civil complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Tom DeSanto against Gail Gygax, the pair “formed a partnership” in which Gail had DeSanto “take responsibility” to develop “the intellectual property rights that she claimed to have inherited from her late husband, Gary Gygax. . . including the right to use his name and likeness.” The complaint says Gail told DeSanto, whom it describes as “one of the most successful producers in Hollywood,” that she was retiring. DeSanto claims that Gail gave him “the exclusive right to develop and exploit the Gygax IP in all media, including film, TV, video games, merchandising and licensing, either by himself or through third parties.” Variety covered the signing of the deal, reporting that DeSanto would become the “guardian of the library.” The article quotes Gail saying, “Gary always envisioned his works becoming reality in film/television and beyond … Tom’s track record speaks for itself, but I was impressed with Tom’s enthusiasm for Gary and as a longtime RPG gamer. Tom DeSanto is the perfect storyteller to bring Gary’s works to life. He is a true fan.”

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