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=== RICH FEATURES === + Trim unwanted parts of the video + Crop the video into any size + Splice videos and images with 100+ transition animation effects + Mosaic a part of the video statically or dynamically: select the shape and type, adjust the blur intensity and speed of moving, drag the handler and move to blur the selected part of the video + Add some text into the video with rich text effects + Adjust the color and effect of the video with dozens of filters + Take a picture from the video + Dub for the video and support to adjust the volume + Add special audios into the video with over 200 sound effects + Adjust the playback speed of the video + Replay a selected segment of the video and flexibly set count of loop and the the speed of playing + Let the video playback in reverse order + Zoom in or out the video + Rotate or flip the video and support 3D rotation at any angle + Compress the video + Convert the video into GIF + Create a picture-in-picture video + Add borders to video with rich border material + Add stickers to video + Support collage of videos with rich background textures + Paint on the video: select color and width of brush, draw, undo, redo, erase + BlingBling for the video and make them full of brilliance: automatically detect highlights, add spot and star streaks and flexibly adjust their quantity, rotating speed and strength + Add particle effects for the videos: over 100 particle effects templates and rich particle texture images, flexible adjustment of various parameters of particle emission. Use your imagination to add surprises to your videos. + Add magnifier for video: flexibility to select the area to be enlarged and adjust the magnification and display position of the magnifier + Distort video: provide a variety of distortion types and flexibility adjust twist radius, force and center position + Reflect video: provide a variety of reflection filters and flexibility adjust the boundary and center position of reflection + Blend videos: provide 20+ classic blend modes: darken, multiply, color burn, linear burn, lighten, color dodge, linear dodge, overlay, soft light, hard light, average, difference, exclusion and so on; flexibility adjust the opacity, size and position of the foreground; exchange the foreground and the background; make the blended area into a variety of shapes + Erase video: you can flexibly select the erased area (eg. the watermark) by drawing directly on the video to erase the content on the fixed area, and the effect is better for the erased area with simple background color …

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