Fighting games to play online for free 3d: The 25 best fighting games to play right now

The definition of a “party fighter,” Super Smash Bros. is at once the most relaxed, laid-back fighting game you’ll ever play (because it’s just about having wild and crazy fun, right?), while also being the most intense, friendship-ruining competition (because Ike is @#$%ing bull$#^%, okay, Nick?!). Unlike most other fighters, which work off of hit points, Smash Bros. is all about increasing the damage your opponents take until they can be knocked offscreen. With support for up to 8 players, interactive levels, a huge roster of characters spanning a wide variety of franchises, and unique items you can use in battle, Smash Bros. gives everyone something to enjoy. And if you want to get competitive, you know the rules: no items, Fox only, Final Destination .

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