Free car games for boys under 5: How to spend the perfect day at the Maryland State Fair

Here’s where the real gaudy fun of any fair is to be found — the carnival midway, with its games of skill (more than 30 in all), its Ferris wheels, its bold colors and useless (but oh so cool!) prizes. If you’ve got kids, just stand back as they feast on all the visual splendor, then put them on a carousel or a swing ride and watch them have more fun than should be allowed. But don’t neglect your own inner child — those rides you loved as a kid are still around. The Ferris wheel is always a treat, offering a bird’s eye view of the fair and the surrounding area (including bustling York Road) you rarely get to see. And for the truly insane, there’s a new ride called the Space Port that looks like a scissors ride on steroids (you can see a video of what the experience is like here ); ride this thing, and your courage will never be questioned again. Once you’re finished with the rides, go ahead, try fooling the guesser or throwing a softball into a milk can or shooting a water pistol. Not only will you show just how talented you are, but you know you’ve always wanted that giant stuffed bear.

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