Free download chess games for windows 7 home basic: Croatia GCT 7: Carlsen ends his Nepo jinx

If we go back to the last period when he was doing so well, I think it took us some time to appreciate how much everything had been working together for him – that he had to be extremely focussed and determined, not by discipline, just by sheer will and interest and enthusiasm, in each and every game, and at the same time play with low shoulders and kind of draw upon the intuition he had practiced so much at home, without thinking about the outcome of the game. In addition to that, he was quite sportive, he was a happy young man in every respect. I think I could mention a lot of factors that all really pulled together. If there are one or two of these that are a little bit out of sync, then it’s difficult to perform at your theoretical max, which I think Magnus probably did 5-6 years ago, close to his, at that time, theoretical max.

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