Free download games for nokia 5130c 2 xpressmusic: Nokia Lost Phone: Learn to Track Stolen and Lost Nokia Smartphone

I have lost a Nokia 5800 phone, registered an FIR with police, I had Google latitudes and Phone Locator(from Nokia OVI) installed on it, but my phone is not traceable despite good efforts by cops because its a Nokia. I had enabled lock if SIM changed and the phone is not used yet, well this s/w from Nokia malfunctions and asks for a password everytime the phone is restarted, its same case with most Nokia 5800’s, to make sure my phone does not get locked I have not blocked my SIM untll two weeks after it was stolen. Well my point is it could have been easily tracked had it not get locked after it restarted, as far as tracking is concerned NOKIA phones cannot be tracked as GPS and Google Latitudes use GPRS, the GPRS settings of the phone needs to be changed, generally thieves flash the phone uninstalling all installed tracking softwares, So nothing practically helps in case the phone is stolen, the best thing would be to purchase a phone with a preinstalled tracking software, like that of a SAMSUNG instead of Nokia, because Nokia makes it more vulnerable to track the phone in case its stolen.

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