Free online car video games for kids: U.S. Senator Says His Anti-Loot Box Bill Has The Video Game Industry Worried

Hawley: Adults can for sure be exploited. I think that children—there are a couple of things as we know in a variety of contexts, whether it’s casinos proper or public health issues, we often look at kids and say they’re uniquely vulnerable. They don’t necessarily know the nature of these microtransactions, being on the lookout for them in the way that an adult might. And while I realize that these microtransactions, these particular kinds, compromise the integrity of the game no matter who is subject to them, there’s something I think that’s pretty unique to kids and the addiction angle I think is pretty unique to kids as well. So this is an area too where I think we ought to be able to come together on a bipartisan basis and say, ‘Look, when you’re directing this sort of pro-addiction activity, pro-addiction behavior toward children, or practices toward children, we oughta be able to say no to that.’

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