Fun games for 10 year old girls: ‘Jeopardy’ Champion Ken Jennings to Launch Trivia Board Game

I think I must have been like this forever; most trivia nerds don’t remember being another way. Our family might have figured it out pretty early; I was one of these kids who was always carrying around The Guinness Book of World Records and rattling off facts about the world’s biggest pumpkin pie. It’s funny you mention owning it, because no, I remember the older I got in elementary school, [I realized that] socially it’s kind of a problem to be a know-it-all. It’s not a hit with girls to know Captain Kirk's middle name. And so I did go in the trivia closet for many years and tried to not highlight that part of my personality…until I went on Jeopardy! in 2004 and came out of the closet on national TV. I think it’s too late now to pretend I’m not the trivia nerd that I am.

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