Fun games for women to play as a group: 20 Fun and Creative Graduation Party Games You’ll Definitely Want to Play

For this game , you’ll need to tape a circle into the ground. About 10 feet away from the circle, you’ll then tape a straight line. You can play in teams, but everyone will need to be paired up. To start the game, one player must be wrapped in a black tablecloth with tape, so it stays on. This player must then go stand in the circle. The other player then stands behind the line and tries to throw a baseball cap onto the head of the person in the circle. The person in the circle can move anywhere inside the circle, but cannot use their hands. If their gown falls off, they must go back to the other players to get it properly fitted again before they can go back to their circle. The first team to get all their “caps and gowns” on wins.

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