Fun games to play inside when bored: 20 Ways to Keep Kids Entertained on a Rainy Summer Afternoon

Summer is most kids’ favorite season for obvious reasons: They get to ditch indoor activities to do outside ones. There’s time to run around with neighborhood children, and there are also possibly days at camp, swimming, finding bugs — whatever kids do in the great summer weather. It’s still hard to keep kids preoccupied no matter what when school is out for the summer. With older kids, that’s basically eight hours that now have to be filled. That’s not easy (hence, camp is a pretty great option for some families). Sometimes, however, the weather isn’t sunny, and doing fun summer activities  outside such as visiting parks, playgrounds, farms, fairs, etc., isn’t an option. The only place for kids to be is indoors. This is usually where parents panic, but mama, it will be OK! 

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