Funny games for adults to play at home: Jordan Peele delivers another nightmare with ‘Us’

Both “Get Out” and “Us” betray the director as a bona-fide horror nerd, as Peele gleefully traffics in allusions to older films in the genre. Part of the fun of rewatching “Get Out” comes from attempting to spot the reference in each shot, be it the “Halloween”-style suburban terror of the film’s cold open or the way the entire film makes explicit the fear implied in a movie like “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.” “Us” doubles down on this predilection: The home-invasion scene recalls the casual brutality of Haneke’s “Funny Games” or “The Strangers” series of movies. There’s even a pair of identical twin girls straight out of “The Shining.” Cut away all of the relative artifice of these references, however, and you’re still left with the best, most original horror movie made in America since — you guessed it — “Get Out.”

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