Games like stardom the a list online: The 25 Richest Streamers (And How Much They Are Worth)

Imaqtpie is a Floridian streamer who cut his teeth in the early days of competitive League of Legends . Participating with teams like Dignitas, Delta Fox, and Oh God Bears, he eventually turned streaming into his main project, a platform on which he appears to be fairly prolific. Much like some of the aforementioned streamers on this list, he seems to more or less stick to League without much deviation and broadcasts his in-game antics fairly regularly. His net worth has never explicitly been stated, though estimates have placed it as high as nearly $4 million. Claiming a history to which few others could compare, tons of veteran players and community members are likely quite familiar with the Imaqtipie name (though it admittedly sounds like a name someone like Pokimane should have adopted.)

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