Games to play while on a road trip: Road Trip Games & Activities That Will Help Pass the Time

School’s out and summer’s here, which means those long-awaited family vacations are so close the kids can practically taste ’em. But if we’re being honest, it also means that parents everywhere are about to bravely set off on well-intentioned family road trips , where they will inevitably lose their damn minds five minutes into the journey. (Don’t deny it!) Maybe it’ll happen when “Baby Shark” plays for the umpteenth time. Or maybe Mom and Dad will snap after the third kid shouts,  Are we there yet??  in the span of 30 seconds. Whatever the case, it’s no secret that family road trips can test a parent’s patience like no other — and they  definitely test a kid’s ability to sit still for hours at a time. Still, there are ways to get to get the fam from Point A to Point B without anyone losing their cool, and actually have some fun. I’m talking about road trip games, people!

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