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It isn’t just the trading or lack of ‘value’ to these games, I much prefer getting something ‘physical’ for my money. I love getting the physical box, breaking the seal and opening the case, reading/looking at any enclosed leaflets etc. I also like buying Limited/Special editions with steel book cases, artbooks to look through and any other physical gifts I get with these Physical purchases. I like seeing the game boxes on my shelf, seeing my collection grow. I like deciding where each game lives on my shelf, moving game cases to create a slot for my ‘new’ game. All of this is missing when I buy digital. I even like looking at the spines of the cases, looking to see what games spark some enthusiasm or inspiration to play. Sometimes, I know I want to play but not sure what I want to play until I look at the spines to see what ‘jumps’ out and says ‘play me’… I don’t get that at all with digital and don’t really want to turn on my consoles to try and find inspiration in my digital library. Owning both a PS and XB, I would need to turn both on to look through both libraries to find that game I want to play. I often forget which digital games I have – especially with PS+ and GwG offerings…

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