Helicopter games free download for pc full version: Today’s List of Paid Games That Are Free at the Play Store Including Sheep Battle Royale and More

GET READY FOR: • 30 unique levels that you will remember for long; • Bright and colourful graphics. The colours of CGI are so fruity that one can squeeze it into a glass and serve as a fresh in restaurants; • Chance to compete with your friends in the overall rating. See what the other can do and prove your science teacher, who taught you at the 5th grade, that you know how to do things. Put their noses out of joint! • Hidden secrets and bonuses at each level. Be attentive and eagle-eyed – this will surely be rewarded; • An option to change the look of your character at your sweet will. Do you want to look like a Mexican? – no problem! А knight? – easy peasy! Find the world of creative ideas and fantasy! • Main character – sheep. Exactly – the sheep which soon will become your best friend, colleague and fiance for all the gaming time; • And we nearly forgot to mention… The game is free. It’s like your girlfriend’s kiss or mother’s care, you know what we mean;

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