History of the olympic games in ancient greece: Celebrating Special Olympics

Kwan shared stories about her skating career, noting that she didn’t always have new skates, fancy costumes, or even a coach, but her parents always supported and encouraged her. Both athletes also spoke about the transition from concentrating on athletics to the work they are doing now. “It’s not easy. To be honest, there was a sort of identity crisis, trying to find my own voice, a passion outside of something that I really loved,” Kwan admitted, joking that she needs to find a job where she can still walk into an arena and be greeted with applause. She completed undergraduate and graduate studies in international relations and political science, and was also appointed by then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice as the first American public diplomacy envoy, a role which allowed her to travel to six countries to help foster understanding of American society and democratic principles. “It opened my world,” she added, leading to her new focus on public service and politics.

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