How much are used wii games worth at gamestop: GameStop Promo Wants You To Trade-In Your Old Switch For A New Switch

@justin233 really your dumb to say you wish a company would go out of business trade in a switch for a swtich deal is an epic deal because it lets people like me swap out my switch for a new switch unlike your salty ass I traded in my neon switch for the smash bros switch and then once I get that I plan on keeping the dock and the joy cons and I already got a back up plain dock and an extra pair of grey joy cons which ill then trade in that smash bros switch with plain dock and plain joy cons in towards the pokemon swtich and will have both limited edition switch docks and the limited editon pokemon switch unlike you I see potential in gamestop and there awesome deals I will continue to show my support to gamestop am an elite pro member am sick of seiing but hurt people always attacking gamestop because there just trying to make money to stay in business and people like you attack them over there deals and whatever trade in values they offer geesh like stop hating

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