How to install games for windows live on 8: Microsoft to shut down Windows 7 Games Servers on January 22, 2020

See I like Windows 7 better than Windows 10, but I’m a gamer, and my old PC (which can easily run both Windows 7 and Windows 10, but had 7) was too old, too loud and producing too much heat. I had to get a new one. My old one has BIOS, my new one has UEFI and some of the components don’t support Windows 7, so I have to use Windows 10. I don’t like it, but it gets the job done, so far I’m doing OK with Windows 10. It’s not as intuitive and easy to use as Windows 7, but as more time passes, the more my OCD goes down and I stop giving a fuck. I’m content that it just works and I don’t fiddle with the settings too much.

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