How to play bootleg xbox 360 games: 15 Old SNES Games That Still Look Amazing (And 15 Fans Forgot Looked Bad)

While I think there have been some great strides in graphics since, obviously, to me, the SNES was the pinnacle of pixel art. That’s why so many games still hold up on a visual level. Not all games were created equally though. I sat down and thought hard about these games on both sides of the line and it was a lot harder than I thought especially since I tried to limit myself to selecting only one game from a series. I didn’t want to talk about Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III for example. That said Mario did make it on here a lot so I’m not perfect. Point is some of my favorite games look pretty cruddy nowadays, which was a difficult truth to swallow. So follow me on this journey through the best and worst graphics found on the good old Super Nintendo.

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