How to play playstation games on mac: 25 Easy Ways To Play Classic Games Casual Fans Don’t Know About

Emulation. There is no way around it. No matter how you feel about it either negatively, or positively, it is a thing that is here to stay. Here is my stance on it. I love it. There, case closed. No need to go on, but I will. Without emulation, I would not be able to discover the hidden gems that escaped me when I was a kid. The best feeling is finding something truly wonderful and then sharing that thing with the world. Emulation is so ubiquitous now that even companies like PlayStation and Nintendo are using them. And here is the real issue here. Creating and using an emulator is not illegal. Downloading games is, though. You can dump your own games onto your computer to play them on an emulator, but you can’t share them.

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