How to playstation 2 games on pc: How the PlayStation 5 will compare to future gaming PCs

The bottom line on PS5 graphics is that next-gen console announcements are always full of hype and exaggeration. The PS4 was supposed to match the performance of a high-end gaming PC when it launched, at a far more affordable price. The reality is that its graphics hardware was roughly equal to a $179 R9 270 … or if you prefer, a tweaked variant of the HD 7870 that came out in 2012 with a price of $350. I don’t expect anything different from the PS5, which means performance will probably be similar to today’s $350 graphics cards—an AMD equivalent of the RTX 2060, give or take. That’s not bad by any means. It would be about five times faster than the original PS4, plus adding ray tracing support, but it’s not going to provide a quantum leap in performance relative to a decent PC. 

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