How to run 32 bit games on 64: The Saga Of 32-Bit Linux: Why Going 64-Bit Raises Concerns Over Multilib

Considering the fact that people tend to run machines for much longer now, it doesn’t make sense to ditch backward hardware support. I havn’t rebuilt my machine for over 6 or 7 years now…. still chugging along, and still gaming on it just fine. old as dirt, but a hefty graphics card update to an hawaii gpu sure did the trick to keep it doing everything that needs to be done. Granted the processor is showing some age, but I’m still happy with it from a hardware perspective. Having said that, I can bitch about shit software all day long. Seems nobody (almost) knows how to fucking build a web page or a program these days. it’s sad. They prioritize flashy gui and graphics over actual functionality, usability, and ubiquity. the last part is important, because it’s difficult for our brains to organize memory on how to use multiple different user interfaces, and if every app has a different interface, and nobody follows basic rules, then it makes it harder for your customer to use the app/site, it makes them less likely to use it, and it makes them more frustrated. I really miss the days of web design when it was literally just a bar of menu’s at the top or the side or both, and just very well organized so you can get to literally everything you need in 2 or 3 clicks of a mouse form the home page. These days, in the days of “lets spread an article out over 30 slides”… it’s fucking garbage, and it breaks continuity with the reader, and makes it more difficult for them to actually use the site. I am frustrated with almost every site I go to these days. I don’t use shitty phone apps because they are all laid out differently. Guess what, doesn’t bother me. Those apps don’t add value to my life, at all. I just use ublock origin and a host of other programs to fuck all of that garbage in the asshole. anyway, how about next time someone designs a piece of software, they look at the last 60 years of computing design, then look at the last 30 years of how things actually look. The entire idea of a computer is that it adds value to your life, is easy to use, yet powerful as a tool when you need it to be, and flexible enough to do what you need it to do with minimal input. Software and web designers these days ignore all of those rules. This article outlines a great example of all of this. The internet, and life as a whole is made better when we don’t artificially turn a few billion pounds of computer hardware into computer scrap a decade or more early… You know, if you care about our planet at all, a handful of people always make the decision to gain profit and drop backward support, and that ends up in billions of pounds of e-waste, that is either burnt, or just dropped into a lake where people drink directly from…. /pathetic.

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