How to type fast without looking at the keyboard games: Huge debut for Super Mario Maker 2; new Myst TV show; and more video game news

Bloodstained is very deliberately a next-generation, legally distinct version of Igarashi’s seminal 1998 PlayStation game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (the game that put the “-vania” in “ Metroidvania “), with a few mechanics taken from Symphony ‘s various sequels. Most notably, protagonist Miriam can absorb a dizzying number of powers by slaying the demonic inhabitants of the gothic castle she’s exploring, in order to find and stop her cursed friend Gebel before he ends the world. Bloodstained has a weird power curve — the first 20 minutes of the game are the hardest — but once you’ve made it past that initial roadblock, you’re in for a good 20 hours of exploration, secrets, and strange weapons.

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