I like to play games full movie free download: GRENKE Chess 4: Vishy joins Magnus

Peter told Levon afterwards that he’d previously analysed playing 18…Bxb3 19.cxb3 Qb5 20.Qxb5 Rxb5, but rejected it at the board. Peter Leko could understand that, saying he’d hoped to play the same novelty himself in 2017 (Harikrishna mixed something up and they never got to it) and that although the position was drawish it was “a nightmare”. The problem is that Svidler’s improvised “improvement”, 18…Rfe8? , lost him the game. After 19.Qxa6! Ra8 20.Qe2 Nxa5 21.Bxe6 fxe6 he was left with a ruined pawn structure and uncoordinated pieces, and blundering a pawn two moves later meant it was game over long before hostilities ended on move 38.

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