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Videogames aren’t a charity, pal. They’re made to make money for the corporations that release them and the developers who create them, and as with any commercial enterprise, success is not always guaranteed. Some games lose money, some break even, and some make a tidy little profit. And then there are the games that are true blockbusters in the Hollywood   sense of the word, selling tens of millions of copies and reaping millions—and sometimes billions—of dollars. Those are the games we’re talking about here, the games that most dramatically separated players from their money. These are the 20 best-selling videogames of all time, according to this Wikipedia list . That doesn’t mean they’re the most profitable, but that they simply moved the most units off of store shelves and through digital storefronts. Paste can’t personally vouch or fact-check these numbers—the games industry generally tries to hide its sales data—but Wikipedia has links that back up its numbers, if you want to research it for yourself.

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