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As the battle royale genre grew and evolved, Apex Legends developer Respawn was clearly watching. Its take on the hugely popular mode improves upon standard battle royale mechanics to make this shooter one of the best – if not the best – in the growing arena. As with all battle royale games, Apex Legends challenges you to be the last squad standing on its singular map as a wall of energy forces players closer together. The loop of dropping quickly, looting, and then outsmarting and outshooting opponents is incredibly fun, regardless of whether or not you win. Apex Legends’ maintains the stellar shooting we saw in Titanfall 1 and Titanfall 2 – save for the Mozambique, but even Respawn is in on that joke . And as part of the Titanfall universe, the lore behind Apex Legends and its characters are a neat way to flesh out the identity of the game series further. Its charming and unique characters are an excellent spin on the blank canvases we usually have jumping into an arena. Their abilities allow for players of all skills to contribute to their team, and regardless of who you’re playing with, the innovative ping system makes communicating important information to teammates far easier. Respawn’s good communication and game updates keep us excited to see how it’ll continue to grow Apex Legends’ exciting gameplay.

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