New pc games like age of empires: Age of Empires 2’s Overreign mod lets you wololo in first person

Members of the Age of Empires community have been hugely receptive to the mod, which appears to take inspiration from other strategy games such as Natural Selection and Rise and Fall: Civilisations at War. Though it may not necessarily prove popular amongst AoE2 purists, the community is already known to be keen on modding the 1999 classic game – with other mods including fantasy settings, new armies and some whacky game types. It seems only fitting that after 20 years of modding a game with an isometric view, someone has thought to rethink the way it plays entirely. Spriteblood has already proven in their videos that the mod works within the game’s multiplayer mode and has demonstrated how the game’s units learn to ‘follow’ the player character, effectively eliminating the need for a cursor. Personally, I’m excited to see how late-game battles look and feel from the new perspective.

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