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You are the best. I want a cat and every budy to have a lot of stuf in stockings. Can you shoe me rulfolf? How old are you? Peple tell me that you are not rell but I believ that you are rell and I ways give the reinder food and I have ben good. I have ben whating and whating for Christmas forever. I have been whating and whating and whating and whating . How can you get thow the hole wold in one night and I’m learning a dot how they eludrat in maxcow. I hop that an elf or you have ben waching me and marry Christmas and happy Christmas to miss close. How does elfs get all over the wold and I no what I want. I will tell you how Christmas started it begend with Jesus was born on cHristmas. And I thingk but I don’t kno. I have a loss tooth and I hoop I loss it on Christmas like on Ester. And if you want to no I am seven. My sister is 9 son. She is going to be 10 on January 19th and can you bring a elf to school. I want a picher of Mrs. Clouse. I will get for Cristmas next year I want a gnastix bar. Chistmas si the best month ever.

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