Pokemon diamond and pearl games free download: Pokémon Masters Mobile Game Already Has 5 Million Pre-registrations

All of the characters in the game can only use a single Pokémon as part of the “Sync Pair” mechanic. The roster of characters currently include the likes of Brock, Misty, the Kanto Elite Four from  Pokémon Red & Blue,  Clair from  Pokémon Gold & Silver,  Drake from  Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire,  Barry and Cynthia from  Pokémon Diamond & Pearl,  Iris from  Pokémon Black & White,  and Kahili from  Pokémon Sun & Moon.  The player must form a team with one of these classic Pokémon   trainers in order to take on the Pokémon Masters League, which involves fast-paced real-time battles rather than turn-based ones.  Pokémon Masters  is a free-to-start game that includes in-app purchases. For example, the ability to unlock new “Sync Pairs” is tied to a random loot box mechanic where the player spends gems in order to acquire new characters, but players can also unlock them faster by spending real money if they so choose.

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