Ratio and proportion games for 6th graders: The complete ranking of the Metroid series

Most importantly, developer Retro Studios managed to avoid allowing Metroid’s move into first-person action from reducing the game to a twitchy shooter, respecting the series’ cerebral nature from start to finish. While there’s plenty of shooting to be done here, it’s hardly, say, Quake or Unreal (thanks to the game’s reliance on an automatic lock-on feature). In fact, Prime probably has the lowest ratio of combat to navigation and exploration in the entire series. Meanwhile, the brilliant Scan Visor feature plays an essential role in battle (seeking out enemy weaknesses) while also allowing players to drink in all manner of world-building details — and what a world it is! Metroid Prime is one of the rare early ’00s 3D games that still looks gorgeous thanks to its sleek design and vivid use of color. Oh, and all the loving details it contains, like being able to glimpse Samus’ reflection on the inside of her visor whenever lightning flashes. Metroid seemingly shouldn’t have worked as a first-person shooter, but Prime pulled it off, and it remains a high-water mark for the format.

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