Road games to play in a car: Hand Gestures And Horses: Waymo’s Self-Driving Service Learns To Woo The Public

The cautious expansion, partly driven by a public that is both intrigued by the prospect of a digital chauffeur and easily spooked by self-driving blunders, contrasts with some of the more ambitious roadmaps projected by Waymo rivals. Tesla CEO Elon Musk claims his electric car company can deliver a self-driving future as early as next year–assuming his new computer and self-driving software, perfected by utilizing camera and sensor data collected in “shadow mode” from hundreds of thousands of Teslas on the road work as promised. General Motors’ Cruise unit has its own aggressive market plans, and Uber and Lyft are also pursuing own self-driving car technology as a way to keep the cost of rides low. Getting the cars to navigate on their own is just the start; getting the public comfortable with both driving alongside and in a car without a driver is another big challenge.

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