Scrabble online games for free no download: The Top 7 Mobile Games You Can Play For Free

Get active and explore the areas around you with Pokémon Go , an augmented reality game that changed the way of gaming as we know it. With history dating back over two decades beginning on the Nintendo Gameboy, Pokémon has been an emblem of pop culture that is still relevant today. Pokémon Go stays true to its roots and puts a modern spin on this classic game. Grab your iPhone or Android device, enable your phone’s camera, and explore the world around you and watch pocket monsters such as Pikachu, Charmander, or Squirtle appear right in front of you. Join friends to take over gyms and walk around town to hatch eggs and visit PokéStops that give you items and the history of local landmarks! Not only will you be able to catch em’ all, you’ll learn a thing or two about your own town or city you’re visiting!

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