The asian games are organised after every: Plans underway for pro bono legal services for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics Games

Since the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, lawyers in host countries have provided athletes and others who are involved in the Games with pro bono legal services, including general legal consultation services and representation services for the Ad Hoc Division, at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The purpose of the pro bono legal services is to contribute to the smooth operation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games by providing free legal advice to athletes and others who are involved in legal problems in the host country. As mentioned above, the Ad Hoc Division is, in principle, required to give its decision within 24 hours of the lodging of an application and, as a consequence, each party has to take extremely prompt actions in the course of the arbitration proceedings. Therefore, it is considered particularly useful for athletes who are not accompanied by legal counsel during the Games to utilise the pro bono services in the host country so that necessary actions can be taken in a timely and appropriate manner 10 .

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