Top 10 online games of all time: Not one of the Fortnite World Cup’s 100 finalists was a woman. Why?

One solution has been to set up female-only leagues and competitions, allowing young women players a less toxic environment in which to hone their skills and compete. However, this has proved controversial, with some seeing sex-based partitioning as a means of sidelining and undervaluing women players: nlike in traditional sports, there are no physical differences at play to justify gender segregation. There is a lingering belief that young men are simply better at games than women, and though there is little detailed research in this area ( a study in 2016 from the University of California found that gender had little or no relevance in terms of ability in a range of fantasy role-playing games), the sociocultural barriers, online gatekeeping and suspicion with which female competitors are greeted are the more obvious barriers to their greater success right now.

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