Why does my computer lag when i play games: Shadow Ghost Review & Rating

For instance, over the course of several days and multiple tests, I recorded an average of 68 frames per second (fps) on Far Cry 5’s in-game benchmark at 1080p resolution and Normal graphics quality settings. (That is well below the frame rates we saw from PC Labs’ GeForce GTX 1080-based testbed; more on that in a bit.) That’s above the minimum 60fps we typically regard for enjoyable gameplay, but combined with some slight input lag from the wired mouse and keyboard I noted during free play in the game, and a few times when the Ghost dropped the connection to the server mid-mission, the experience left me slightly wary of how well the Ghost can deliver on its intriguing promise of a gaming PC with equivalent performance to a GeForce GTX 1080 GPU. (This was in a single-player game, mind you; serious esports types will find any discernible input lag a deal- and match-killer.)

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