Winter olympic games to play at home: ‘The build-everything Games are over’: How Olympic impacts are changing the nature of the host city

So what will future bids look like? Perhaps the contest for the 2026 Winter Olympics offers us a glimpse. It features two multi-location bids: Stockholm-Åre, which plans to borrow Latvia’s bobsleigh track, and Milan-Cortina d’Ampezzo, which plans to use venues peppered across the Italian Alps. It is all part of the IOC’s ‘new norm’ policy which allows hosts to spread the load across several locations. “If there is a city that doesn’t have one specific venue, they can now hold one sport in a different city or even a different country,” says the IOC’s heady of legacy, Tania Braga. “This new flexibility can give opportunities for a different size of city to host the Games.”

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