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No game comes this close to letting you feel the anger and strength of the Incredible Hulk  as Ultimate Destruction . You play as Bruce Banner in a big open-world city. The game allows you to leap, climb, and smash to your heart’s content as well as play through story missions in various locations. Jumping over skyscrapers, running along buildings and tearing apart a car to use as metal boxing gloves against enemies is incredibly fun, and captures the unstoppable spirit of the Hulk perfectly. Whenever you get a chance to play as the Hulk in a game, you can usually be sure you’ll be in for a good time. He has appeared in a few other games like Ultimate Alliance  and LEGO Marvel Superheroes  over the years, but this solo adventure is by far his height. Hopefully, Marvel’s The Avengers can finally improve on Bruce Banner’s green behemoth because so far this PS2, Xbox, and Gamecube classic has yet to be beaten.

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