Xbox 360 reads dvds but not games: Top 9 Best Xbox One Exclusives in 2019

The significant title on the Xbox One is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the highly anticipated, spoke around, and also addicting game where you and 99 other players parachute out of a plane onto a remote island, searching for weapons and equipment and fight one another until only one remains. The overall game is finished, however that’s not stopped developers from sink hours into and releasing an early access version of the game which players have fallen in love together. The Battlegrounds of n PlayerUnknown offers a safe area of the map of the game which reduces over time and forces players to tighterand more areas where they’re made to fight. The gigantic battle royale, third person shooter (with optional first-person planning ) throws you onto a huge map filled abandoned armories, schools, houses as well as you frantically loot and grab items and weapons to provide you an advantage over other players. Players can go at it alone or team up in squads as they take cover, speed out of danger zones in trucks, trucks, ships, and motorcycles, listen carefully to footsteps, and ultimately live within a powerful game where anxiety and excitement are just around the corner.

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